How effective is the school’s distinctive Christian vision,
established and promoted by leadership at all levels,
in enabling pupils and adults to flourish?

  It is the expectation that all governors and staff, leading at all levels across school, ensure every child receives an excellent education focussing on aspiration, high expectation and personalisation, underpinned by the Christian ethos of valuing every child as a unique child of God – the future adult members of our society.

Behold children are the gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward. PSALM 127:3

At Whinmoor St. Paul’s, everyone  who walks through our door remarks on our calmness, serenity and distinctiveness of values. The belief that every child is a unique child of God is tangible. We ensure that no child will ever be left behind, despite any difficulties that they may come with.  We believe in second chances and the chance of preparation for life by always expecting the best and doing our utmost to provide the opportunities.

Our Christian Values are at the heart of all we do. All facets of school life are underpinned by the importance of spirituality as the unifying thread which runs through all subjects and experiences at school.   We are proud of how our children are given opportunities to develop through individual creativity – dance, drama, art, yoga for instance. This links to our central focus of valuing each child as unique in God’s eyes.  Children are not afraid to express themselves and to share their beliefs in a thoughtful way, which makes for a calm, peaceful and understanding learning environment.

 ‘We serve gladly’ was noted in our last Ofsted inspection, ‘…Children willingly undertake jobs around the school.’ This supports each child in finding their sense of personal value and empowerment and reminds us of the servant leadership of Christ himself.

 At Whinmoor St. Paul’s our children are given every possible chance to prosper,  whilst holding their own beliefs, faith and culture and respecting others, as we support them on their journey towards adulthood.

 Whinmoor St. Pauls – every child is a unique child of God and the future adult members of our society.