Aims & Values

Every child is a unique child of God

At Whinmoor St Paul’s we are committed to providing a rich and exciting curriculum which encompasses the full range of primary knowledge and skills. St. Paul’s programmes of study are designed to provide challenging and stimulating learning opportunities for children of all abilities.

Everything we do is underpinned at all times by the Christian ethos of valuing the individual and, in this way, we seek to fulfil the spiritual, mental and physical capabilities of every child—the future adult members of our society.

Embedding Christian Values 2023-24

During the year our school Worship will focus on the Christian Values. This year we will focus on the following values; 

  • Autumn 1 – Love & Respect
  • Autumn 2 – Joy & Kindness
  • Spring 1 – Trust
  • Spring 2 – Forgiveness & Creation
  • Summer 1 – Perseverance 
  • Summer 2 – Patience

Our Mission and Ethos

At Whinmoor St Paul’s Primary School we believe that every child is a unique child of God and lives in a world that God has made.

We aim:

  • To provide a safe nurturing environment where every child can achieve his/her full potential
  • To inspire a lifelong love of learning
  • To value all faiths and cultures and to celebrate diversity
  • To develop a sense of respect and responsibility towards self, others and the world in which we live
  • To build strong relationships with the local community, our city and the wider world

And to do all this as a caring community based on strong Christian values.