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Jeff Kinney Draw-along 

 Leeds Libraries are really excited to be hosting a free Livestream draw-along with Jeff Kinney at Seacroft Community Hub & Library on Saturday 25th May, 11.30am-12.30pm, for children aged 9+. Child tickets will be available to book online from Saturday 11th May at  Accompanying adults do not need a ticket.


Health Update

The document on the right provides some health updates relating to measles, headlice, whooping cough, the use of antibiotics to ensure that we are ‘summer ready.’ Please take some time to read through the information sheet for your reference. 



New pupils from Hong Kong 

The Hong Kong Welcome Programme in Yorkshire and Humber have created a virtual hub, which contains information for people from Hong Kong who are settling in the region and are seeking services to support them.

The hub also contains details of online drop-in sessions for new arrivals as well as a directory of organisations providing further support.

Worried about some of the conflict you have been hearing about? Are you confused about how to talk to your children about this?

Click below for some useful websites with tips on how to talk to your children about the events happening in Gaza and Israel and other events that may cause children to worry.

  1. Educate against Hate have created some advice on how to approach and discuss difficult issues. Click here.
  2. How to create a safe space for discussions with your children. Click here.
  3. Childline – Worries about the world. Click  here.
  4. Mental Health Foundation – Talking to children about their worries. Click here 
Message from Leeds Teaching Hospitals  

Leeds Teaching Hospitals are experiencing extreme demand for services and also increasing presentation in paediatric emergency department with needs that may be better met in other ways.   

The West Yorkshire Healthier Together website is available to support families to decide if a visit to A&E is appropriate.  

The Healthier Together website is a tool that gives consistent, accurate and trustworthy healthcare advice to parents, carers, young people and professionals. 

The information on this site has been reviewed  by local paediatricians, GPs and clinicians across the region to ensure it aligns with current practices and procedures. 

You can use the quick links, search bar, or menus to find clear advice with easy to use traffic light guide, red, amber, green found in the parents/carers section. This will help to identify when, where, and how you should seek help for your poorly baby or child.

Parent and carers can also look through the site for practical guidance such as ‘should my child go to school’. 

Safe Zone 

Safe Zone offers face-2-face in person support or phone support call 07593
529 367. The service is open for referrals from:
• 5pm – 8.30pm every Monday (@ The Market Place)
• 5pm – 8.30pm every Thursday (@ Dial House)
• 5pm – 8.30pm every Sunday (@ LS-Ten Skate Park)
Free, confidential, non-judgemental, person-centred support for 11–17 year olds and their parents/carers.
We can arrange free transport to and from location. The service also offers 45 minute long bite size
workshop for parents/carers who are supporting a child with emotional distress. The next workshop is
taking place on 15th May @ 8.30pm. Parents/carers can email to request a place on
this. The topics covered will be:
• Identifying difficulties
• Coping Strategies
• Communication
• Self-regulation / modelling self-care
• Q&A slot
• Signpost services

New Childline website now live

Childline is the UK’s free 24-hour service for children and young people. Run by the NSPCC, Childline gives children and young people up to the age of 19 confidential support with whatever is worrying them. Since the service began in 1986, it has carried out over 5.9 million counselling sessions with young people. Childline supports more than 200,00 children and young people each year.  

Find out about Childline’s unique offer on NSPCC Learning


Teen Connect

Teen Connect offer free, confidential emotional support and mental health crisis support for teenagers in
Leeds, WF3, WF10, BD4 and BD11 (aged 11 -18, up to their 19th birthday) and parents/carers of teenagers
too. Teen Connect offers support over the phone, by text or online
Support can be about anything: sadness, anger, fear, friendships, family, loss, abuse, grief, change,
loneliness, pain, sleep, eating difficulties, self-harm, suicidal thoughts or feelings, being in crisis, feeling
anxious or depressed, feeling unsafe, want to talk, any difficulties, frustrations, worries and more.


Support resources for Children & Young People’s mental health

NHS England are   looking at improving Children & Young People’s inpatient mental health services. One of their  projects  has been to develop a number of short films, aimed at supporting parents and carers who may have concerns about their child’s mental health. The central principle is to promote awareness of support and resources that are already available, with the aim of preventing situations escalating into a crisis stage and, ultimately, admission into services.

They have produced 16 films in total, covering 6 different topic areas – including safety (both physical and online), eating disorders and self-harm. 

The link to the central webpage, entitled This May Help is here: Home | ThisMayHelp