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Community Celebration 

Wellington Hill Residents Association (situated on Ringwood Drive, Leeds LS141AR) are holding a Platinum Jubilee Celebration on Saturday 4th June from 2p.m. There will be competitions, games, fancy dress, a talent competition and a BBQ in the afternoon followed by a Family Night in the evening.  For further details, please contact Sandra Williams on  


Remind Yourself: Promoting Positive Families

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Henry Barran Centre, Amberton Grove, LS8 3JR

Thursday’s 12th May – 23rd June (6 weeks)

10am – 11.30am


Remind Yourself is a six week group suitable for parents/carers of children aged 2-9 years created to remind parents/carers of all the brilliant parenting techniques they already have. During this course facilitators hope to ‘remind’ parents/carers about a range of different strategies that can help their family. 

***Places are limited to allow for social distancing and keep group members and facilitators safe.***

How to join:  Email to request a referral form.

 Please note: requests need to be submitted 1 week prior to the group starting


 Sessions include:

Week 1: Welcome and introductions

This session includes getting to know each other as well as setting a short term goal for the group.


Week 2: playing with your child

We will discuss engaging in meaningful child led play, the benefits of this and how we can fit play into our routine.


Week 3: Praise and rewards

Looking at the importance of praise and the different types of praise we can use, as well as looking at reward charts and how to put them in place.


Week 4: Family routines

Focusing on where to start and how important it is to be consistent in our family routines.


Week 5: Positive communication

This session will look into how we communicate with our children, how we could use our words more wisely, reduce our command giving and help children to follow instructions and requests.


Week 6: Regulate, Relate and Reason

For our final session we will help parents/carers understand the importance of becoming an emotion coach for their child, how they can use the 3R’s – Regulate, Relate and Reason to validate their child’s feelings, show their understanding and help them to find different ways to express their emotions. We will also review our group goals from week one and review our learning over the five weeks.


Online Safety Tips

Click here for how to Stay Safe Online – Do’s and Don’ts 

Now more than ever, it is vital to ensure that your child is safe online. As usage of social media and apps
increase, so too do the dangers of unsolicited attention. It is important that all children know how to keep
safe online, how to recognise risks, harmful content and contact and are aware of how to report such
incidents. There are lots of websites to offer parents and guardians support on how to ensure what your
child accesses online is safe and age-appropriate. Some suggested web links are below.

1.) Disrespect Nobody – Staying Safe 
2.) Advice on dealing with ‘hot topics’
3.) ChildNet Resources


Safe Zone 

Safe Zone offers face-2-face in person support or phone support call 07593
529 367. The service is open for referrals from:
• 5pm – 8.30pm every Monday (@ The Market Place)
• 5pm – 8.30pm every Thursday (@ Dial House)
• 5pm – 8.30pm every Sunday (@ LS-Ten Skate Park)
Free, confidential, non-judgemental, person-centred support for 11–17 year olds and their parents/carers.
We can arrange free transport to and from location. The service also offers 45 minute long bite size
workshop for parents/carers who are supporting a child with emotional distress. The next workshop is
taking place on 15th May @ 8.30pm. Parents/carers can email to request a place on
this. The topics covered will be:
• Identifying difficulties
• Coping Strategies
• Communication
• Self-regulation / modelling self-care
• Q&A slot
• Signpost services

Teen Connect

Teen Connect offer free, confidential emotional support and mental health crisis support for teenagers in
Leeds, WF3, WF10, BD4 and BD11 (aged 11 -18, up to their 19th birthday) and parents/carers of teenagers
too. Teen Connect offers support over the phone, by text or online
Support can be about anything: sadness, anger, fear, friendships, family, loss, abuse, grief, change,
loneliness, pain, sleep, eating difficulties, self-harm, suicidal thoughts or feelings, being in crisis, feeling
anxious or depressed, feeling unsafe, want to talk, any difficulties, frustrations, worries and more.

Love Exploring 

The Love Exploring app has been a valuable tool in enabling families to explore the city and encouraging them to be active following the easing of lockdown restrictions, with 5,000+ users now in Leeds. An inter-school competition focused on Love Exploring is planned for 2022, and there is a limited-time-only Halloween trail with dancing skeletons and zombies to explore in locations across the city, for half term and bonfire night. The Dinosaur Safari is also still on offer in 10 parks. As part of the evaluation process of Love Exploring, app users are encouraged to complete a short survey about their experiences. The survey offers an opportunity to win a £50 prize draw and earn £20 for taking part in a phone interview.

Free Workshops for Parents 

Leeds City Council are offering a free six-session course for newly arrived to the UK parents, delivered over the next two terms. All sessions will be delivered on Zoom at 6 pm on the following dates: 16/2/2022, 16/03/22, 27/04/22, 18/05/22, 15/06/22 and 13/07/22. Translation may be available subject to languages.  

The workshops will engage parents, particularly those newly arrived parents from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME), Refugee, Asylum-seeking and Traveller communities to support their children’s learning more confidently and effectively. We will mainly address:

What kind of pre-school education is there?
Choosing a primary school
Types of schools
Who’s who in pre-school/nursery/primary school?
What and how will my child be taught?
Learning English in Leeds schools
How do I know how my child is doing?
What if my child needs extra help or has special educational needs?
What other learning opportunities might the school provide?
How can I support my child outside school?
What do supplementary schools offer?
Race, culture and equality

For further details please contact


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