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It’s Good to Grow – Morrisons 

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Online Safety Tips

Click here for how to Stay Safe Online – Do’s and Don’ts 

Now more than ever, it is vital to ensure that your child is safe online. As usage of social media and apps
increase, so too do the dangers of unsolicited attention. It is important that all children know how to keep
safe online, how to recognise risks, harmful content and contact and are aware of how to report such
incidents. There are lots of websites to offer parents and guardians support on how to ensure what your
child accesses online is safe and age-appropriate. Some suggested web links are below.

1.) Disrespect Nobody – Staying Safe 
2.) Advice on dealing with ‘hot topics’
3.) ChildNet Resources



Love Exploring 

From this summer holiday onwards, Love Exploring Dinosaur Safaris will be available in eight parks across the city and the Leeds waterfront.

Up to nine Augmented Reality (AR) dinosaurs have been placed in routes of 1-3km, encouraging children to track down a roaring, tail-swishing T-rex or flying pterodactyl as they chase around the park. The Dinosaur Safaris also include an educational quiz sharing curriculum-linked facts about the Jurassic age. 

The app can be downloaded to smartphones by clicking here.