At Whinmoor St Paul’s we see our Collective Worship as a central part of school life. Children and adults engage in Collective Worship each day. This is when we gather together to explore and reflect on Christian Values, stories and teachings. Each half term we focus on a different Christian Value and explore each in a variety of ways.

Collective worship is led by senior leaders, staff, children, clergy and visitors. Children and adults in our school have the opportunity to plan, deliver and evaluate Collective Worship, which is then fed into the improvement cycle.

In addition to Collective Worship, children at Whinmoor St Paul’s are provided with prayer and reflection spaces in school. These calm and peaceful spaces allow children the opportunity to reflect and contemplate the world around them. These are spaces which promote spirituality within the child and give them opportunities to be closer to their God.

Whole School and Class Worship Times
  • Monday – Worship relating to our Christian Value for the half term – Whole school – PM
  • Tuesday – AM – Phase worship in classes
  • Wednesday – PM – Class led worship in the hall
  • Thursday – PM – Singing worship
  • Friday – AM – Worship celebrating our school community

Liturgical Calendar 2023_2024




Types of Worship and Celebrations at Whinmoor St Paul’s

Easter Worship

Harvest Festival

Carol Service

Child Led Worship

Clergy Led Worship