Weekly Online Assembly from the National Oak Academy

Each week the National Oak Academy host an assembly, available from 11am Thursday. These are opportunities for us all to come together, hear from some inspirational guest speakers, and to think and talk about wider things affecting us. Join the assembly here.

At Whinmoor St Paul’s we see our Collective Worship as a central part of school life. Children and adults engage in Collective Worship each day. This is when we gather together to explore and reflect on Christian Values, stories and teachings. Each half term we focus on a different Christian Value and explore each in a variety of ways.

Collective worship is led by senior leaders, staff, children, clergy and visitors. Children and adults in our school have the opportunity to plan, deliver and evaluate Collective Worship, which is then fed into the improvement cycle.

In addition to Collective Worship, children at Whinmoor St Paul’s are provided with prayer and reflection spaces in school. These calm and peaceful spaces allow children the opportunity to reflect and contemplate the world around them. These are spaces which promote spirituality within the child and give them opportunities to be closer to their God.

These are the Christian Values for 2020/21:
  • Autumn 1 – Community and Responsibility – British Values – Individual Liberty/ Rule of Law
  • Autumn 2 – Trust – British Values – Democracy/ Tolerance
  • Spring 1 – Integrity – British Value- Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and those without faith
  • Spring 2 –  Hope/ Easter – British Value – Tolerance
  • Summer 1 – Courage – British Values- Respect/ Rule of Law
  • Summer 2 – Perseverance – British Values – Tolerance and Respect
Whole School and Class Worship Times
Due to social distancing measures, it is likely that Collective Worship will take place in your class for this half term. 

Monday –  Worship relating to our Christian Value for the half term

Tuesday – 11.45am – Worship relating to the world we live in

Wednesday – 11.45am – Class led Worship relating to the world we live in

Thursday – Worship related to aspects of our curriculum

Friday – Worship celebrating our school community


Types of Worship and Celebrations at Whinmoor St Paul’s

Armistice Day Commemorations

Harvest Festival

Carol Service

Child Led Worship

Clergy Led Worship

Collective Worship at Home

We ask you to pray for all those working in Education at this time, as we prepare for Easter.  Click this link to read the Rhythm of Life Prayer sheet for Lent and Easter. Below are some links from parishes and their celebrations for Easter

Bradford Cathedral Holy Week Journey 

Mr Emporium’s Easter Experience  

Rhythm of Life Lent Journey 

We are delighted to share this special resource produced by the Diocese of Leeds Education Team. As Christians we believe that life has a rhythm which we can shape positively and use distinct habits to share our faith with others. At Whinmoor St Paul’s we are using ‘Rhythm of Life Lent Journey’ resource, along with our wider church community to help people to rediscover the benefits that this approach can have on their lives.  

The Rhythm of Life resource is based around 7 positive habits – celebrating, sharing, resting, encouraging, praying, reflecting and creating. These all have a spiritual element to them, but they are also positive things for all members of our community to consider, whatever your faith position may be.  

Please join us as we embark on our Lent journey and learn about Jesus’ baptism and his time in the wilderness, the events of Holy Week, including Jesus’ death and resurrection. You may enjoy the story days, reflections and relating them to a Rhythm of Life habit.  


Monday 29th March- Creating

Tuesday 30th March – Celebrating

Wednesday 31st March – Encouraging

Thursday 1st April – Virtual Pilgrimage