Online Safety



As a school community which values the use of new technologies in enhancing learning, encourages responsible use of ICT, and follows agreed policies to minimise potential e-safety risks.

Pupils have a right to access these systems in a safe and controlled way and the responsibility to use the systems carefully and within the guidelines set at school.

In school we teach specific Internet Safety modules from Nursery to Year 6 at the start of each Computing session. Pupils are regularly reminded of the issues associated with using the internet through our 22 ways to stay safe online .

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Parental Controls on smartphones – Apple, Android and other devices 
Online Safety Guide for 0 to 5 years old 

Young Children (6-10)

E-safety is a home school issue

In recent years there has been a convergence of different technologies. As well as computers, today’s games consoles allow us to play more than just games. We can now also play DVDs, go online & chat to the person we are playing with. So your child may be playing a game with someone from the other side of the world and much more besides!

How you can increase E-Safety at home:
  • Have access to computers and the Internet in places where it can be monitored, such as the living room
  • Talk to your child about their use of ICT and get them to talk to you should they feel uncomfortable or access anything that concerns them
  • Use filtering or monitoring software
  • Use Common Sense Media to check out age restrictions and content of games/ apps
  • Keep up to date with Internet Matters 

Helpful Guides

Does your child play Roblox? Minecraft? Do they have  TikTok account? Want to make sure they are safe? Browse and filter through thousands of titles to find information you need relating to different gaming platforms, apps, websites and general online safety advice. 

Helpful Guides Link 

Helpful Guides Part 2

Below are some links to sites you might find useful for more information

SWGfL Report Harmful Content