Commando Joe’s


We are delighted to announce that we have invested in the Commando Joe’s curriculum. This outstanding curriculum is broad and exciting and provides a strong foundation in which all children will get the chance to achieve, be resilient, tolerate others and make great choices for life – inside and outside school.

The primary aim of the Commando Joe’s programme is to help develop essential life and character skills to young people. Linking closely with our British and Christian values which encourages children to be cooperative, resilient, creative and empathetic, encouraging our children to think critically and develop a mindset that thrives on looking at themselves and others from different perspectives.

In our lessons, children will be given different themed missions which they have to complete. This can include saving an endangered animal, collecting items for a trip to the jungle and crossing obstacle courses to save another team member! 

All classes from Early Years to Year 6 take part in Commando Joe’s which is a progressive scheme of learning, which ensures that every child is given the opportunity to help develop these positive behaviours aswell as building on their confidence and self-esteem knowing that each child will leave Whinmoor St Paul’s having had experience of Commando Joe’s, becoming a confident individual who is able to take on any challenge which they may come across. They will learn how to be part of a team, how to support each other, how to manage difficult decisions including peer pressure, how to be self-sufficient, be able to seek support from adults, be a leader and most of all be adventurous.  These transferable skills are vital as they become ready for the next stage of their learning.

RESPECT framework

Commando Joe’s uses a ‘Whole School Approach’ with a RESPECT framework. It supports staff being able to help children to develop these behaviour traits within a number of exciting topics based on amazing characters and aspects of their life stories. Significant heroes/heroines, explorers and adventurers have been identified to support children’s understanding of these essential life skills. Children are then set exciting missions to solve during their outdoor PE sessions.

R- Resilience (Romeo Resilience)

E- Empathy (Eddie Empathy)

S- Self Awareness (Sophie Self Awareness)

P- Positivity (Parveen Positivity)

E- Excellence (Elliot Excellence)

C- Communication (Charlie Communication)

T- Teamwork (Tanisha Teamwork)



If you would like to know more about this exciting new programme for our school you will find lots of information on their website