Year 6

Curriculum Information

Year 6’s Star of the Week

Ethan – for excellent behaviour at all times and for consistently producing high quality work


Class Novels
Autumn – There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom – Louis Sachar
Autumn – The Thieves of Ostia – Caroline Lawrence

(Link with History)

Spring – Oliver Twist – Charles Dickens
Spring – Street Child – Berlie Doherty

(Link with Topic and English Writing)

Summer – Kensuke’s Kingdom – Michael Morpurgo
Summer – The Explorer – Katherine Rundell

(Link with Geography)


Recommended Reading List

Escape from Pompeii – Christina Balit 

Empire’s End – A Roman’s Story – Leila Rasheed 

So You Think You’ve Got It Bad – A Kid’s Life in Ancient Rome – Chae Strathie & Marisa Morea

Defender: Dark Arena – Tom Palmer 

Queen of Darkness – Tony Bradman



Class Information

Teacher – Mrs W. Wilson

TA – Mr M. Evans