Year 3

Curriculum Information

Class Novels – Reading 

Autumn Term

Autumn 1: How to Train your Dragon – Cressida Cowell
(Links with English and Topic)
Autumn 2: The Iron Man – Ted Hughes
(Links with English)

Spring Term

Spring 1: Escape from Pompeii – Christina Balit
(Links with English and Topic)
Spring 2: The Great Kapok Tree – Lynne Cherry
(Links with Topic)
Spring 2: The Tin Forest – Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson
(Links with English)

Summer Term

Summer 1: The Lion and the Unicorn – Shirley Hughes
(Links with English and Topic)
Summer 2: The Last Garden – Rachel Ip and Anneli Bray
(Links to English and Topic)


Recommended Reading List

Action Packed Fantasy – Dragon Storm by Alastair Chisholm
In the land of Draconis, there are no dragons. Once, there were. Once, humans and dragons
were friends, and created the great city of Rivven together. But then came the Dragon Storm,
and the dragons retreated from the world of humans. To the men and women of Draconis,
they became legends and myth.

Adventure – Leonora Bolt by Lucy Brandt and Gladys Jose

Leonora Bolt spends her days creating incredible inventions in her TOP SECRET laboratory,
under the watchful eye of her terrifying uncle. Everything changes one day when a strange
boy washes up on an inflatable lobster and reveals that Uncle Luther has been stealing her
inventions and selling them on the mainland.

Fiction, Humour – There’s a Viking in my Bed by Jeremy Strong

After falling overboard from his longboat, Sigurd the Viking finds himself in modern-day
Flotby – a small English seaside town. Finding refuge in the aptly named Viking Hotel, Siggy’s
attempts to embrace modern ways end in disaster. His attempt at romance is no better off as
even the course of true love doesn’t run smoothly when Siggy’s involved!

Fantasy – Wildsmith: Into the Dark Forest by Liz Flanagan

When war forces Rowan and her mother to escape their city home and seek refuge in the Dark
Forest, little can she imagine the incredible new life with her Grandpa and his white wolf Arlo
that will follow. Can she help to save baby dragons from dangerous poachers?






Class Information

Teacher – Mr J. Cherkowski

TA – Mrs C. Cannon