School Day

At Whinmoor St. Paul’s, we open our doors to children from 8.40am each morning.  The bell rings at 8.45 and lessons begin.  School closes at 3.15pm each day and is followed by a wealth of after school activities. Y6 children are invited to come into school from 8.30am and support our school community by doing small, yet essential jobs.  Compulsory school time is 32.5 hours.

Nursery to Year 5

Start: 08:40  Finish: 15:15

Year 6

Start: 08:30  Finish: 15:15

Collective Worship

Monday – Worship with Mrs Vaughan
Tuesday  – Focus theme in Phases
Wednesday – Focus theme led by classes each week
Thursday – Singing Worship with Mrs Lindley
Friday  – Certificates and Star of the Week